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How to write a winning medical school personal statement? 

When you know how, you can use the personal statement to your advantage to stand out from the crowd. Check out this free 40 minute talk by Dr Matt, an NHS doctor with medical school admissions experience, on how to write a medical school personal statement that ticks all of the boxes admissions teams are looking for! 

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Is medicine the right career for you?

Medicine still passes the litmus test for me. Does it for you, too?

Dr Matt is a NHS doctor who has sat on medical school interview panels and has read 100's of medical school personal statements. This free talk will give you an inside look at medical training and working as a doctor in the NHS . The aim is to help you weigh up whether or not medicine is the right career choice for you, and if so, how to get ahead of the crowd and become the full package medical school applicant!









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Become the 'Full Package'

Competition for Medical School places is stronger than ever. Admissions teams are looking for candidates who tick all of the boxes. It's therefore important to start early, plan your application well and use your time wisely. There are three main domains that will be tested during your application: Knowledge, Skills and Attributes. Our aim is to help you shine in all of these areas! 


Develop the knowledge needed to successfully get into medical school. This includes being able to demonstrate an understanding of a career in medicine, medical ethics, the structure of the NHS, medical training and more.

Build knowledge


Demonstrate core skills including written communication, verbal communication (interview), team work and leadership skills.

Gain skills


Demonstrate, through relevant experiences, the attributes needed to succeed in your medical school application and beyond. 

Develop attributes

Katie, London

Tutoring Student


"It really helped me to plan what I needed to do to strengthen my application. We mainly focused on the interview and it helped me feel so much more prepared and confident. I got all 4 offers secured and can't thank you enough!"


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